My Name is Jessica. I’m born and raised in Detroit Michigan, and proud of it!! I maybe a Yankee, but I have always known I was destined to live in the south. When I was three I would tell my mom ”I’m gonna wash my Hanes” and “can I have a Cass of Wadter”. Four years ago I visited the cute little city of Charleston and absolutely fell in LOVE. I know you’re thinking me and the other 1 Million brides to be right? haha!​

I’m a business professional currently in an HR role, I just had a son named Logan and have a 10-year-old Boxer named Lexi, which I adore! I’m always on the move sometimes to a fault. I love doing things out in the community, laughing with friends and family and cooking for the masses (aka friends and family).

My baby Lexi <3

My baby Lexi <3

So what am I doing here? Well about 4 years ago I decided to become a healthier version of myself. I was sick of feeling run down, overweight and just not myself.  I went to my PCP and Holistic doctors, and found out that I had a Wheat allergy which was causing some of my problems.  With that I made the decision to change, giving up my wheat and gluten filled foods and starting to live a healthier lifestyle.  Food, and Fun Home projects is what it’s all about here at Sassy Southern Yankee. Welcome to my crazy Family!

Before and After

Before and After. I’m currently somewhere in between working on getting to my goal weight again.


Yeah, Yeah who really cares right? To me it’s about the little life experiences and the knowledge from them, not the piece of paper from school, but here you go. BA In Business Management, and Administration. Associates in Business, Business Management, Marketing and Technology. Certificates in Loss Prevention, Nutrition, Culinary Arts, and FEMA. Yup I didn’t know what I wanted to be when I grew up and still don’t. Goes back to Just a Little Bit of EVERYthing I guess.

Jessica Schaffner

*most of the recipes on the blog are Gluten Free; however I will provide alternate options for those of you who love Gluten Goodness 😉