Hello 2019 (Almost 2020)! Lets Catch Up!

Hello 2019! Lets Catch Up! First let me say how I have missed all of you, and for those of you who are new to the blog I’m beyond excited to “meet” you!!  I apologize for the long post, but it’s been 3 years.  We have some catching up to do!

When we last left off in April 2016 many of you had known that I was in a bit of a fender bender (well more like a fender bender with a completely totaled car).  From that moment on 2016 was chucked full of life’s craziness.  My slight backache turned into a bulging disk with sciatica down both my legs. Also the discovery that I had an extra vertebrae (apparently more common then one might think).  Between 3 doctors appointments a week, medical massage and physical therapy life just got busy!  Lets take a moment to catch up!

From April until August I was basically an physically handicapped person who needed assistance with most of life’s tasks.  I was unable to lift more than 5lbs and sitting and/or standing for any length of time was excruciating. I can’t begin to say “thank you” enough to my friends, family and wonderful team of doctors for their help and assistance!!  Seriously not sure what I would have done without them!!

In April/May I had also started looking at new homes knowing that selling mine in the summer would be best and with the current market 2016 was finally the year to make the big move!  Now or Never right?  I found the perfect (well almost) home in May amid the recovery process.  It was a whirlwind of seeing the home on Sunday at 2pm, placing and offer, and them accepting the offer that Monday by 3pm.  Then the initial freak out that I still had to sell my current home that still needed the basement refinished (Insert stressed face here). For those of you who know me you know I’m far from a risk taker, so this was a huge leap.  I think I even scared some of my friends LOL

As with anything home purchase/sale related things didn’t go as planned (this sentence doesn’t even do justice to the craziness I went through).  I ended up selling my home in about 13 hours once it was listed (whew), but delay after delay ended up causing me to sell my home before closing on my new home.  With thoughts of homelessness dancing through my head, and a truck full of brand new appliances without a home neared I feared the worst. Three days before I had to be out of my sold home I received the clear to close with a signing date.  My closing date consisted of running to work for benefits meetings with staff at 8am, driving an hour after the meeting to sign paperwork, meeting the movers 45 min later then packing up my whole house, and moving out by 8pm that night!  Talk about cutting it close!! P.s. hiring movers was the smartest decision I may have made EVER! DO IT!

Since then I have taken another trip over to Greece, been working on getting settled into our new home and just trying to limit the use of technology in my life, and really take the time to connect on a personal level with those who are near and dear to me.  I continue to work each day to strengthen my back and find the balance between pushing myself / doing too much.

Now lets fast forward to 2018! I have big news!!! After a year of doctors visits, and being cleared by 14 different doctors I am happy to announce I was able to have a baby (a lot of love, a little science and a fertility doctor)! Logan Alexander came in to this world in July 2018. A month before his due date.  We are both happy and healthy! He was a little peanut, just over 5lbs. We rocked the preemie clothes and newborn diapers for 3 months. Who would have thought?

Logan 1 Month Old

Rocking his DockATot seriously the best investment!

Logan 1 Month Old

Logan 1 Month Old

Logan 1 Month Old 5lbs 12oz

I am over the moon to finally be a mommy!!!! Now I’m trying to get back on my weight loss journey and just being a healthy mommy he can look up to! Logan is now 16 months, and I finally have some “extra” time to get back in the kitchen.  I use the word EXTRA cautiously, if you’re a parent you get it 😉 .

I’m going to work on getting some more recipes posted most likely Keto/ low carb.  My new goal is to get you a yummy healthy (most of the time) recipe posted at least monthly.  Here’s to a happy, healthy, prosperous rest of 2019!  Thank you for following along and waiting out my extensive absence.



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